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epic MedSpa is a state of the art full service Medical Spa that is always on the cutting edge of the esthetic trends in a uniquely relaxing settingA state of the art full service Medical Spa that is always on the cutting edge of the esthetic trends in a uniquely relaxing setting. Many spa’s will offer the latest “fad” in skincare without knowing how effective or safe the treatment really is. Every service and treatment performed at epic MedSpa has been proven in safety as well as efficacy to make each client feel at ease when dealing with such a personally sensitive subject like skin care. Consultations are always free, and you will leave epic feeling and looking great. EPIC MedSpa

Aimee Brown LA MSOM Acupuncturist 414.416.3278 logoAimee Brown is a licensed acupuncturist with her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine providing clinical treatment in Oconomowoc and Elm Grove Wisconsin. Services include: Acupuncture, Electro-acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, hands-on energy healing, ie Reiki, Gua Sha, Cupping, and Tui Na (Chinese Massage). By taking a holistic approach to the healing of chronic pain, arthritis, migraine, lowering blood pressure, stress, carpal tunnel syndrome and many other conditions. Tithe natural energies within our body's work with healing methods that have been proven for centuries. Acupuncturist Aimee Brown Oconomowoc and Elm Grove Wisconsin

Chiropractic Care Center Brookfield WisconsinChiropractic care based in holistic care letting the body work with the mind for complete healing. We have been helping our community relieve their pain and improve their health since 2002. Our entire focus is to get you better as fast as possible. Call us at (262) 781-0084. Dr. Kinga Ebner, Doctor of Chiropractic.

Annals of Internal Medicine Original Research study on the effectiveness of massage therapy for relieving lower back pain. Read the complete study details for further confirmation that massage therapy does work!


Alternative cancer treatment information Did you know there are natural or alternative cancer treatments that can provide a 97% true cure rate on recently diagnosed cancer patients, and can even achieve a greater than 60% true cure rate on cancer patients given up on by orthodox medicine? The main focus of this website is on identifying the very small number of the 300+ alternative cancer treatments which are strong enough to deal with the disastrous condition of cancer patients who have had extensive orthodox treatments, many of whom have been given up on by orthodox medicine. These potent alternative cancer treatments are generally not the best-known treatments!! Alternative Cancer Treatments

Whole Food Farmacy for Pure organic foods for your health and nutrition The Wholefood Farmacy makes eating healthy easy, convenient and affordable. Offering pure, nutrient-dense, ready-to-eat, whole food meals, snacks, soups, smoothie mixes and treats for the children. All of the foods are vegetarian, most are raw and vegan as well. Wholefood Farmacy also offers many gluten-free and nut-free whole food choices for those with food sensitivities - shop today for convenience to come home to.
Do you need to detox, cleanse your body, get a fresh start nutritionally or lose weight? Our 7 day and 13 to 14 day programs can be your "on-ramp" to a healthy, preventative based lifestyle. These programs come with everything that you'll need to eat or drink for the 7 or 13 days. Once you've completed one of these programs, Wholefood Farmacy foods make it easy to maintain your new, healthy lifestyle by replacing all of the processed food, fast food and junk food in your life. It's never been easier for you, your family and your children to enjoy 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day! This website is dedicated to self-care and a preventative based lifestyle. Whole Food Farmacy

360 Cookware This Stainless Steel Cookware Uses Vapor Technology to Cook Better Tasting, More Nutritional Food! Simply put, 360 Cookware is unlike any cookware you've ever tried. It allows you to taste your food as it was meant to be – and get way more out of your meals. 360 stainless steel cookware is made with the highest quality stainless steel, so it is built to last, and all of these products come with a lifetime warranty so you can enjoy the energy saving benefits of green cooking and better tasting food as long as you’d like. 360 Cookware

Trained member of Motorcycle Rescue Efforts

The Rescue Riders
program was established to exemplify how bikers as individuals, and collectively, make our great nation a safer and more compassionate place to live. The Rescue Riders accomplish this mission by recruiting bikers into public service in support of each other, our communities and our nation. Our volunteers are provided with the tools and training needed to provide emergency assistance in times of need. Rescue Riders offer assistance on an individual basis as Good Samaritan's, and directly support professional emergency response organizations in times of need. Quite simply, Rescue Riders invest their time in helping those in need. Solitude Massage is a proud supporter of this mission and certified 1st Responder for Rescue Riders.

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