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Specializing in rehabilitative medical massage therapy to accelerate healing from sports injury, car accidents, falls, surgery and relaxation massage techniques to reduce stress and improve range of motion for everyday life. Appointments are available on an outcall basis to homes and offices as well as within a MedSpa environment in New Berlin, Wisconsin at epic MedSpa, 14999 West Beloit Road, New Berlin, WI 53151 - connected to the Princeton Club Fitness Center, New Berlin, WI 53151 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Call for availability 414.529.8400

Began Solitude Massage in May 2000 serving Milwaukee, Racine, Franklin, New Berlin, Waukesha and surrounding communities on an outcall basis. In the quest for knowledge of the function and proper holistic care of the human body, Ann discovered the benefits of massage therapy. She graduated from Blue Sky Educational and has been in practice since 1999. Her studies focused on neuromuscular therapy and continue on in a more medical based practice today that focuses on, but is not limited to, problems in the head, neck, and shoulder area. Ann also offers massages more tailored to her clients specific requests and needs of relaxation, stress relieving energy work, and raindrop technique which involves the direct application of Young Living's therapeutic grade essential oils along the spine and to the feet. Ann's clients take comfort in knowing that she really cares about their treatment and looks to resolve their muscular discomfort by modifying their treatments as needed.

For anyone searching for a Qualified Massage Therapist it is wise to know the difference between a CMT - Certified Massage Therapist and a LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist.

Certification differs from a license in that it's nearly always offered by a private, non-governmental agency such as a Massage School. These are usually professional associations, massage schools, which create certifying agencies to identify and acknowledge those who have met a standard. It grants permission to the individual to engage in providing massage therapy if it finds that the applicant has attained the degree of competency required to ensure the public health, safety, and welfare will be reasonably protected. Licensing is always based on the action of a legislative body, either State, Federal or local. The health care professions are typically licensed at the state and/or local level, but not usually at the federal level.

Be very hesitant in having anyone work on your body that was NOT trained by a massage school. A massage therapist that is a CMT - Certified Massage Therapist may only have 150 hours of training or may have up to 1,000 hours of training! Ask your massage therapists how many hours of training they have completed. And, ask them if they take additional classes each year for additional training.

Massage therapists with Basic Training can do an OK massage but may not have enough training to do detail massage work. Massage therapists with an average of 250 to 350 hours of training and are very qualified and skilled to work with clients. Massage therapists with over 600 hours training have skills for doing very detailed work including neuromuscular therapy.

LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist (Licensing) NOT all states require Massage Therapists to be licensed. Wisconsin requires 500 hours of training to be a MASSAGE THERAPIST. A PRACTIONER, however, can still do massage in this state but have little or no formal training. Practioners do not know contraindications and they may be doing you more harm than good. States that do require licensing usually require massage therapists to include their license number in all forms of advertising.

When choosing a massage therapist find out how many hours of training they have completed. Use the general guidelines for a CMT as a range for finding a massage therapists. Ann has almost 800 hours of formal training in Massage Therapy modalities, over 10 years experience and is licensed in the state of Wisconsin as well as being fully insured. Ann has been a massage therapy teacher in addition to running her own business, this speaks to the extent of her knowledge but also the strength of her skills and techniques which her clients benefit from. Ann's dedication to treating clients with the best techniques is ongoing.

  • Prior experience with Midwest Neuromuscular Pain Clinic & Wellness Center, Milwaukee, WI as Co-proprietor of the Wellness Center offering integrative massage practices and open alternative health classes.
  • Additional experience with nutraceutical products through Market America, Milwaukee, WI August 2003 - December 2004
    Consulted with clients regarding nutritional supplement needs and guided clients to appropriate products



Relaxation Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork (735 hours) - Graduated November 1999
Psychology and Human Relations - 1988 - MATC
  • Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy for the Head and Neck (19 hours)
  • Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy for the Trunk (22 hours)
  • Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy for the Upper Extremity (22 hours)
  • Integrative Neuromuscular Therapy for the Lower Extremity (22 hours)
  • Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Body workers (16 hours)
  • Lymphatic Massage (7.5 hours)
  • Treating Pain in the Temporomadibular Joint (14 hours)
  • Homeopathy (17 hours)
  • Energy Medicine: Polarity Therapy and Myofascial Integration (20 hours)
  • Sports Massage 1 (18 hours)
  • Reiki 1
  • Seated Therapeutic Massage (16 hours)
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