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Massage Therapy Terminology and Definitions

Methods used to tone or sedate acupuncture "Points or Locations" without the use of needles.

Acupressure point:

Eastern term for a specific point that usually correlates with a neurological motor point.

Advanced Shiatsu:

Training in Acupressure, PNF, Remedial and Therapeutic Exercises, Acu-nu Kinesiology, Ancestral Vessels, Herbal and Dietary Re-Hab through supervising Acupuncture Physician.


The use of various types of water applications and temperatures for therapy.

In call:

A massage appointment at an office location that has a license to practice massage.


Means by use of hand or body.


Skillful use of the hands in a therapeutic manner. Massage manipulations focus on the soft tissues of the body and are not to be confused with joint manipulation using a high velocity thrust.


Is manual soft tissue manipulation and includes holding, causing movement, and/or applying pressure to the body.

Massage Therapy:

Is a profession in which the practioner applies manual techniques, and may apply adjunctive therapies, with the intention of positively affecting the health and well-being of the client.

Medical Massage

According to the American Medical Massage Association (AMMA), medical massage is:
"A system of manually applied techniques designed to reduce pain, establish normal tissue tension, create a positive tissue environment and to normalize the movement of the musculoskeletal system. Medical massage is a scientifically based method of manual therapy that seeks a clear understanding of the scientific principles of physiology that affect connective and soft tissue healing and treatment."

Neuromuscular approaches (NMT):

Methods of bodywork that influence the reflexive responses of the nervous system and its connection to muscular function.


A massage at your location. Home, Office, Hotel.

Range of motion:

Movement of joints.


Acupressure and meridian focused bodywork system from Japan.

Structural and postural integration approaches:

Methods of bodywork derived from biomechanics, postural alignment, and the importance of the connective tissue structures.


Is a series of actions aimed at achieving or increasing health and wellness.

Therapeutic massage:

The scientific art and system of assessment, and manual application to the superficial soft tissue of the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and the structures that lie in the superficial tissue using the hand, foot, knee, arm, elbow, forearm through the systematic external application of touch, stroking (effleurage), friction, vibration, percussion, kneading (petrissage), stretching, compression, passive and active joint movements within the normal physiological range of motion, and adjunctive external applications of water, heat, and cold. Therapeutic massage is a way to establish and maintain good muscle tone, promoting relaxation, stimulating circulation, and producing therapeutic effects on the respiratory, nervous system, and the subtle interactions between these systems through the mind/body connections, in a safe environment that respects the client's self determined outcome for the session.


Contact with no movement.


Fine or coarse tremulous movement that creates reflexive responses.

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